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Traynor K4 Specifications

Made by: Traynor
Type: Specifications
Category: Musical Instrument Amplifier
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Tube Preamp Stage with Footswitchable Lead Gain.


True Stereo 300 Watt Solid State Amplification Stage.


Four Channel Stereo Mixer with XLR D.I. Outputs.


Auxilary Post Master Monitor Line Input.


Variable Channel Voicing.


Full Metal Grille to Protect Speaker Components


Solid Plywood Construction


Wedge Monitor Design.

Yorkville Sound redefines electronic instrument

amplification with the introduction of the all-new

Traynor K4 keyboard amplifier.  An innovative hybrid

tube / solid-state input circuitry makes this combo

amp more than a mere monitor, but part of the

keyboard player's tone pallet. 

The heart of the Traynor K4 is the Tube / Solid State

input and Voicing circuitry on the main input

channels.  The tube drive can be used to add subtle

warmth and 'fatness' to digital synths and samplers

that often sound 'too pristine' in a mix. It can also

be dialed up to add full-on tube overdrive, creating

unique lead tones and ultra-fat bass sounds.  The

tube-drive's gain and lead boost level can be set

from the K4's front panel, and engaged by an

optional footswitch. The Voicing circuit tweaks

channel one's EQ and overall presence for specific

instruments and applications. 

This 300-watt system uses a single 12-inch

Eminence speaker to deliver 200-watts of bottom

end in the K4's stereo speaker configuration.  Two

additional 50-watt amplifier modules driving a 



inch Celestion speaker and a 30-watt compression

driver per side handle stereo midrange and high

frequency program.  

Designed for the stage, the modified trapezoidal

shape of the K4 allows the amplifier to be used

upright to fill the room or stage, or as a convenient

wedge monitor for the player.  The innovative fourth

channel post master input located on the back of

the amplifier allows additional signal to be fed to the

amplifier on stage, without feeding the XLR

balanced DI outputs. Sources like monitor feeds

from the front of house mix, drum machine click

tracks or cue sends can be amplified on stage by the

K4, without feeding channel four to the house mix. 

Traynor K4 Keyboard Amplifier

Total Power: 

300 Watts (200 Watts LF, 2 x 50 Watts H/M F)

Speaker Configuration: 

1 x 12-inch 200 Low-Frequency Speaker

2 x 4.5-inch 30 watt Mid-Frequency Speakers
2 x 20 watt High-Frequency Compression Drivers

Channel 1 Input:

4 x ¼-inch TRS balanced (2 x Stereo Pairs)

Channel 1 Controls

Gain control
Selectable Solid State or Tube input circuitry
Channel Voicing 
3-band Channel EQ
Lead Gain Level
Tube-Drive Gain
Lead boost on / off

Channel 2 Inputs

2 x ¼-inch TRS balanced (Stereo Pair)
1 x XLR balanced microphone

Channel 2 Controls

Gain Control
3-band Channel EQ

Channel 3 Inputs 

2 x ¼-inch TRS balanced (Stereo Pair)
2 x RCA unbalanced 

Channel 3 Controls

Gain Control

Channel 4 Inputs 

Stereo ¼-inch Stereo Pair - Post Master Inputs 
(located on rear of amplifier)

Channel 4 Controls

Level control (located on rear of amplifier)

Master Section

Volume control
Stereo XLR line output jacks w/ ground lift
Lead boost footswitch jack
1 x ¼-inch TRS headphone output 
1 x ¼-inch mono sub output jack

Dimensions (WHD)

23.2 x 19.6 x 14.7
58.9 x 49.7 x 37.3

Weight (lbs/kg)

50 / 22.6


Yorkville Sound

550 Granite Court - Pickering, Ontario  L1W 3Y8

Tel: (905) 837-8481 - Fax: (905) 839-5776

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