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HTC Fetch BL A100 User Manual

Made by: HTC
Type: User Guide
Category: Cell Phone Accessories
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HTC Fetch™ 

BL A100

User Guide



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Trademarks and copyrights

© 2013 HTC Corporation. All rights reserved. HTC, the HTC logo, and HTC 

Fetch are trademarks of HTC Corporation. All other trademarks included 

herein are the property of their respective owners.

The Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart


word mark and logos are 

trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

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United States and other countries.

HTC shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions 

contained herein, nor for incidental or consequential damages resulting 

from furnishing this material. The information is provided “as is” without 

warranty of any kind and is subject to change without notice. HTC also 

reserves the right to revise the content of this document at any time 

without prior notice.

No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form 

or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, 

recording or storing in a retrieval system, or translated into any language 

in any form without prior written permission of HTC.


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About your HTC Fetch

Your HTC Fetch is a 


® Smart device that helps you to easily 

locate your misplaced phone or find valuables you attached an HTC 

Fetch to with your phone.

multifunction button


back cover notch


keychain loop


 Signal strength varies depending on your environment. 

When indoors, effective range may be less than the maximum range.


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Removing the battery film

Before using HTC Fetch, you’ll need to remove the battery film.
1.  Open the back cover from the notch on the edge.  









2.  Remove the battery and film.
3.  Reinsert the battery. When the battery is inserted, HTC Fetch will 

power on automatically.

4.  Align the back cover hooks and press the back cover until it clicks in 













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Pairing your HTC Fetch

You can connect up to three HTC Fetch devices to certain HTC phones 

that are Bluetooth Smart Ready.
1.  Turn on your HTC Fetch. (See Using HTC Fetch)
2.  On your phone, turn on Bluetooth.
3.  Tap 


 and under “Available devices” tap 

HTC Fetch

 to pair 

your HTC Fetch.


•  If you have more than one HTC Fetch, rename your HTC Fetch to something 

descriptive such as “keys” so you’ll know what your HTC Fetch is attached to. In the 
Bluetooth settings, tap 


> Rename

 next to the HTC Fetch you want to rename.

•  HTC Fetch can only be paired with one HTC phone. 

•  When HTC Fetch has paired with your phone, a shortcut 

 will be created on your 

Home screen (or All Apps screen if your Home screen is full). Tap the shortcut to 

quickly access the Bluetooth settings screen.

Reseting your HTC Fetch

If you want to use your HTC Fetch with another HTC phone, you’ll need 

to reset it. Just press and hold the multifunction button for 10 seconds.


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Using HTC Fetch

HTC Fetch has a single multifunction button that you use to turn it on 

and off, activate the phone alert, and more. 

Power on or off

Press and hold for four seconds.

Activate the phone alert

Press once. Press again to cancel.

Take a photo

Press once (while using the Camera app).


Power on

One beep and green LED flashes (red LED 

flashes when battery power is less than 5%).

Power off

Two beeps and red LED flashes.

Phone out of range

Continuous beeping for 60 seconds.

Find your HTC Fetch

Continuous beeping for 30 seconds and 

green LED flashes for 60 seconds.


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Finding your HTC Fetch

When you attach HTC Fetch to something (such as your keys, bag, etc), 

you’ll have the assurance that you’ll have a starting point to track down 

your lost valuables. 
1.  On your phone, go to the Settings and tap 



2.  Tap   next to the HTC Fetch you want to find.
3.  Tap 

Find [name of HTC Fetch]



You can use the signal strength indicator to see if you are getting closer to your HTC 

Fetch. The signal strength bars are next to “Paired Bluetooth devices”.

If your HTC Fetch is not in range, you may be able to find out the last 

location before your phone lost contact with it.
1.  On your phone, go to the Settings and tap 



2.  Tap   next to the HTC Fetch you want to find.
3.  If a last known location is available, tap 

Last Seen

 to view it in map 

app. (only on HTC phones with Android OS).


If HTC Fetch is disconnected from your phone, you’ll receive an email notification sent 

from your default account in the HTC Mail app.

Finding your phone

Misplaced your phone? HTC Fetch will start to beep when your phone is 

out of range. On your computer, check the email account you set as the 

default email account in the HTC Mail app on your phone. If your phone 

had a network connection at the time HTC Fetch was disconnected, you 

should have an email notification.


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Replacing the battery

HTC Fetch uses a standard CR2032 coin battery. The battery will last 

approximately six months when HTC Fetch is on stand-by. When you 

need to replace the battery, you’ll receive a notification on your phone. 

(See Removing the battery film)


To check the battery power, go to the Settings and tap 


. Tap 

 next to the 

HTC Fetch you want to check. The battery power information is just below “Paired 

Bluetooth device”.



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