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Alere Pima User Manual

Made by: Alere
Type: User Guide
Category: Printer
Pages: 12
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Printer User Guide


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Pima Printer User Guide



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information. Read the accompanying text carefully.





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Pima Printer User Guide


  Thermal paper roll

  FEED key

  Status light

  USB cable

1   Introduction

Intended Use

The Pima Printer is a portable thermal printer for the Pima Analyser. 
Connected to and powered by the Pima Analyser via a USB port, 
the Pima Printer enables printing of Pima Test Reports. In addition, 
it contains maintenance free rechargeable batteries in case the 
Pima Analyser is not connected to A/C power.


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Pima Printer User Guide


Pima Printer Specifications


Pima Printer


L 95mm × W 93mm × H 66mm


approx. 350 g incl. paper roll

print procedure

complete fixed thermal line


8 dots / mm (203 dpi), 
384 dots /print line

print speed

up to 50 mm / s


4 rechargeable NiMH cells

Operating Conditions

operating temperature

10 –40 °C


0-2000 m

relative humidity

10-95% (no condensation)

transport/ storage temperature

2 – 40 °C


protect from direct sunlight, 
humidity and dust

power supply

DC with 5V, 0.5A via USB 


Declaration of Conformity 

The Pima Printer complies with the following standards of the EU 
and was tested according to EN 61326-1.


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Pima Printer User Guide


Transport & Unpacking 

The Pima Printer is delivered in a cushioned transportation box. 
After unpacking inspect for any obvious signs of damage.  
Report any damage immediately to your local distributor.  
Allow temperature equilibration for at least 30 minutes before 
connecting to the Pima Analyser to ensure that the printer has 
reached surrounding temperature. 

Maintenance & Cleaning 

The Pima Printer is a maintenance free device. If cleaning of the 
housing is needed, use a fibre free cloth moistened with a mild 
detergent or a disinfectant. Before cleaning, disconnect the printer 
from the Pima Analyser and remove paper roll.  
Do not clean the inside of the Pima Printer.

  Before installing and using the printer in combination with the 

Pima Analyser, carefully read the Pima Analyser User Guide.

  Whenever possible recharge the Pima Printer together with the 

Pima Analyser.


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Pima Printer User Guide


2   Operation


All printing processes are controlled by the Pima Analyser.  
Connect the Pima Printer by inserting the USB plug of the printer 
cable into one of the two USB ports located at the back of the Pima 
Analyser. Start the Pima Analyser and the Analyser will automatically 
detect the Pima Printer.

  If the Pima Analyser does not automatically recognise the Pima 

Printer, disconnect the printer from the USB port and reconnect 
it with the Analyser. Should the Analyser still not recognize the 
Pima Printer shut down the Pima Analyser and restart with the 
Pima Printer attached.

The status light on the right side of the FEED key indicates 
functionality of the Pima Printer. The light may be flashing or 
constantly illuminated. When the printer is disconnected from the 
Pima Analyser, the status light will cease to be illuminated after a 
short while.

•    Green light: the printer is fully functional and ready to print 

(when connected to the Pima Analyser) 

•   Orange light: the printer battery is low (recharge the Pima 

Printer via the Pima Analyser) 

•   Red light: the printer is not ready to print (in general this occurs 

when the printer is out of paper; if the condition persists despite 
replacement of printer paper, please contact your local distributor).


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Pima Printer User Guide




Printing is possible immediately after the successful connection of 
the Pima Printer to the Pima Analyser. All printing is controlled via the 
Pima Analyser user interface. Please refer to the Pima Analyser User 
Guide for more information.


Replacement of Printer Paper 

Upon delivery, the Pima Printer is provided with one roll of thermal 
paper. If the paper roll is finished, a new roll needs to be inserted 
into the paper compartment of the printer. 

•   Open the lid of the printer 

by slightly pulling the lever 
inside upwards. 


•   Completely open the 

lid to expose the paper 
compartment and remove 
the empty paper roll. 


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Pima Printer User Guide


•   Unwind approx. 10 cm 

of paper from a new roll 
and hold the layers tightly 
wound. Put the new 
paper roll in the paper 
compartment, making 
sure that the outside is 
turned towards the printer 

•   Make sure to pull the paper 

tight before closing the lid. 


•   Press on the centre of the 

lid until it audibly snaps into 
place. The paper can be 
torn off at the tear-off edge 
without the lid opening up 
and without the paper sliding 
through the print head.


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Pima Printer User Guide


Printer Paper 

Upon delivery, the Pima Printer is provided with one roll of thermal 
paper. Please use thermal paper provided for Pima Printers only.  
For order information, please refer to the REF numbers below or 
contact your local distributor.





Pima Printer 
Paper I

thermal paper roll, width 56,5±0,5mm,  
thickness 60 µm, printing image stability 
min. 5 years (when stored dry and UV-light 
protected), for approx. 100 Pima Test  
Reports, set of 10 rolls


Pima Printer 
Paper II

thermal paper roll, adhesive, width 
56,5±0,5mm, thickness 120 µm, printing 
image stability min. 15 years (when stored 
dry and UV-light protected), for approx. 
50 Pima Test Reports, set of 10 rolls

  For further information contact your local distributor.


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Safety Warnings

 Do not use the Pima Printer other than described in this user guide.

  The Pima Printer should not be used, if

  - the housing has been damaged
  - smoke is coming from the inside of the printer
  - the printer ceases to function

  Any unauthorized tempering with the Pima Printer can cause potential 

hazards and will invalidate warranty claims.

  Only use rechargeable NiMH cells with the Pima Printer.

  Use Pima Printer in combination with Pima Analyser only indoors 

when connected to A/C power.  
When used outdoors disconnect from mains and avoid direct contact 
with liquids of any kind.

  For disposal of the Pima Printer please contact your local distributor.

Technical Support


For Technical Support please contact your local distributor or call the 
respective number for your region: 


+44 161 483 9032 




+27 21 5315 999  


Asia Pacific:  

+61 7 3363 7166 




+91 11 45089400 


Latin America: 

 +57 2 6618916 


+57 2 6618797

Russia & CIS:  

+972 8 9429 683 


For information on optional peripheral equipment and accessories,  
please view at 



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Revision date: 06-Aug



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Printed on 100% recycled paper.

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