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AKG D660S Specifications

Made by: AKG
Type: Specifications
Category: Microphone
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D 660 S


The AKG Model D 660 S is a rugged dynamic

hypercardioid microphone intended for on-stage instrumental
and vocal pickup. Its hypercardioid pattern is uniform with
frequency, and response has been boosted at mid and high
frequencies for crisp instrumental pickup and improved
speech intelligibility. The microphone has a heavy duty steel
screen with an integral support frame. The inner pop filter
can be removed for cleaning or for replacement. The
microphone incorporates a Doubleflex™ mounting system
used to isolate the capsule assembly. This system places the
primary resonance of the moving system to well below the
audible range, resulting in excellent isolation of handling and
cable induced noises. The light-weight body is die cast zinc
alloy and has a dark matte finish for minimum reflection and


• Response tailored for instrumental

and vocal on-stage performance

• Frequency independent

hypercardioid pattern for added
immunity to feedback

• Very low handling noise through

use of AKG’s Doubleflex™ anti-
vibration isolation system

• High sensitivity (2.0 mV/Pa)

resulting from use of high-energy 
neodymium-iron-boron magnet

• Light-weight die cast metal body

with dark matte finish

• Replaceable inner pop filter


Transducer type:

Dynamic pressure gradient

Frequency response:

70 - 20 kHz (20 - 20 kHz @ 2 cm)

Polar pattern:



500 ohms

Recommended load impedance:

1,200 ohms

Output connector:

3-pin male XLR-M


2.0 mV/Pa; -54 dBV (re 1 V/Pa)

Sound pressure level for 1% (3%) THD:

140 dB SPL (150 dB SPL)


Matte black enamel


Maximum diameter: 2 in. (50 mm)

6.6 in.length (166 mm)

Net weight:

8.5 oz. (240 g)

Shipping weight:

15 oz. (420 g)

Accessories included:

SA 44 Stand adapter

Optional accessories:

SA 41/1 Stand adapter
ST 45, ST 305 Table stands 
H 30 Universal shock mount


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Limited Warranty

Valid only in the United States.  AKG Acoustics warrants AKG products against defects in material
or workmanship for a period of two years from the date of original purchase for use, and agrees to
repair or, at our option, replace any defective unit without charge for either parts or labor.  Important:
This warranty does not cover damage resulting from accident, misuse or abuse, lack of reasonable
care, the affixing of any attachment not provided with the product, loss of parts or connecting the
product to any but the specified receptacles.  This warranty is void unless service or repairs are
performed by an authorized service center.  No responsibility is assumed for any special, incidental

or consequential damages.  However, the limitation of any right or remedy shall not be effective
where such is prohibited or restricted by law. Simply take or ship your AKG product prepaid to our
service department.  Be sure to include your sales slip as proof of purchase date.  (We will not repair
transit damage under the no-charge terms of this warranty.) Note:  No other warranty, written or oral
is authorized by AKG Acoustics, Inc. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also
have other rights which vary from state to state.  Some states do not allow the exclusion or
limitation of incidental or consequential damages or limitation on how long an implied warranty
lasts, so the above exclusions and limitation may not apply to you.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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AKG is constantly impr

oving and modifying its pr

oducts, ther


e, specifications ar

e subject to change without notice.

The microphone shall be a dynamic type with a cardioid

pickup pattern. Sensitivity shall be no less than 2.0 mV/Pa, and
the maximum operating level for 3% THD shall be no less than
150 dB SPL. The maximum diameter of the microphone shall be
no greater than 2.0 in. (50 mm), and the microphone length shall

be no greater than 7.13 in. (181 mm). Microphone net weight
shall be no greater than 240 grams. The microphone shall have
an integral wind screen and replaceable inner pop filter (and
noise-free on/off switch). The microphone shall be the AKG
Acoustics Model D 660 S.

Graphical Data

Architects and Engineers Specifications

DS-D 660 S

2.0 in.

(50 mm)


6.6 in. (166 mm)