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Total Fishing Gear FishSpy User Manual

Made by: Total Fishing Gear
Type: User Manual
Category: Fishing Equipment
Pages: 8
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FishSpy is the result of two years intense development by the team at Total Fishing Gear, thousands of hours of 

testing and hardcore fishing – but it’s been worth it. FishSpy will change the way you fish for ever.
Now for the first time you can unlock the secrets of the water and see exactly what lies beneath the surface – you 

can finally see what you’ve been missing.
Crystal clear images of the lakebed, live streaming the hottest fish action directly to your mobile device, rough and 

tough enough for you to cast over 100M – FishSpy is your edge.
Feature find acres of water in minutes, find the clear gravel amongst unfishable weed, locate the bloodworm  

filled silt beds, get your bait bang on the money and watch those indicators fly.
The stealthy no spook camo body allows you to put FishSpy in right in the  

zone without spooking fish, while the long battery life lets you keep  

your secret weapon trained on your hotspot for hours.
How do fish feed? How do they react to your rigs?  

Prepare to see this and so much more.

welcome to fishspy

FishSpy control layout is simple, with every function 

given a clear one touch icon.
Below are the full list of icons to use when operating 


quick start guide

Battery charging

Battery level

Settings and recordings

Home screen

Record – start/stop




Action marker

Wi-Fi indicator

Fast forward



background image

1. Interchangeable fin 

2. Locking ring 

3. Camera lens 

4. Line attachment link


5. Micro USB port 

6. Power on status light


Remove fin

charging the battery

You can charge your FishSpy using a USB lead from 

either a mains powered device such as a laptop or 

portable charging source such as a portable USB 


Unlock the locking ring by twisting in a clockwise 

Remove the fin and insert the USB lead into the 

micro USB port on the FishSpy. A red charging light 

will illuminate. A full charge takes 3 – 4 hours. The 

red charging light goes off when fully charged

N.B. Only use chargers marked output 5V 1A. If 

you are unsure of the voltage and current of your 

charger, use the included USB cable to charge 

your FishSpy through your computer USB port.







Place the fin on and turn the locking ring in an anti-

clockwise direction to the locked position, a red light 

will flash and start transmitting the Wi-Fi signal

turning fishspy on

getting started

Download the FishSpy App from the App store to 

your mobile device. We recommend you have the 

latest version of iOS installed

When you first use FishSpy on a mobile device you 

need to pair it to that device.

pairing fishspy to your mobile device

pairing using android or windows

Ensure Wi-Fi is turned ‘ON’ on your mobile device
Go to Wi-Fi options and type Fishspy – then the 

model number of your specific FishSpy


 – and 

select JOIN
Load browser. We recommend Google Chrome
Type in in the address bar – you will 

now be connected

pairing using ios (apple)

Ensure Wi-Fi is turned ‘ON’ on your mobile device
Go to Wi-Fi options and type Fishspy – then the 

model number of your specific FishSpy


 – and 

select JOIN
Open your FishSpy App – you will be connected 


   Your unique FishSpy model number is provided on  

the base of your FishSpy box. Should the box be 

mislaid connect FishSpy via USB to your PC. Your 

FishSpy will be displayed as a removable drive – click 

on removable drive and your unique number (SSID) 

will be displayed. 



background image


Boom – 12 inches

Lead weight

Line attachment link

To reel

Attach FishSpy in the same way as you would a marker float
Attach your boom by threading mainline through ring
Attach lead weight (we recommend 4oz – 5oz)
Tie FishSpy to your mainline (we recommend palomar of grinner knot) 

via line attachment link (we recommend braid of at least 50lb)

using fishspy

Turn the locking ring on the FishSpy 3 clicks in an  

anti-clockwise direction to switch on, switch your 

Wi-Fi ‘ON’ on your device, it will connect to your 

FishSpy automatically, then simply open your 

browser or App.

turn fishspy on



attaching fishspy

Ensure that your Wi-Fi is connected.

To use FishSpy on Android or Windows open your  

browser and type in in the address 

bar to view the FishSpy home screen
To use FishSpy on iOS (Apple) open FishSpy App

range from blue (maximum) to orange (weak) 

depending on conditions

. Icon colour will

Check Wi-Fi indicator strength

Press recordings from submenu – this will display 

all your recordings
Select the relevant recording to play by pressing 

arrow next to recording – then press play (you can  

pause the recording or scroll through the recording 

using the scrub bar)

To record, press record icon

– icon will turn

red – submerge FishSpy

To view recordings press settings and recordings


To stop recording, press record icon

icon will now go clear

again –


background image

submerging fishspy

you wish to watch, the recordings will be arranged in 

date and time order for you.

FishSpy can submerge to depths of 10M to help get 

a closer look at the lakebed and ensure your bait is 

presented correctly. When you submerge FishSpy 

the live picture will lose connection but the picture 

recording continues.
FishSpy can play this recorded footage back when it 

returns to the surface. Ensure the record function is 

switched on before submerging FishSpy. Submerge 

FishSpy by winding it down to the lakebed. Let 

FishSpy return to the surface and then wait for the 

FishSpy to reconnect to your device. Stop recording by 

pressing the record icon

. To play the footage

back press the settings icon

. Select the recording

action marker

FishSpy records up to 7 hours of footage on its 

internal hard drive. To save you searching through 

hours of footage for the action shots it features a 

clever action marker. Press the action marker icon

to mark any event that happens and then it’s easy to 

find the exact moment you are looking for when you 

download the footage at home. 

FishSpy has been designed to work in low light levels 

but the brighter the light and clearer the water the 

better the picture quality. In deeper or murky water 

you can submerge FishSpy to see the lakebed.

light levels and water quality

Downloading your recorded footage to your home 

computer is as simple as plugging the FishSpy into 

your computer using the USB. You can delete footage 

from FishSpy using your computer or using Wi-Fi by 

pressing the X button.

downloading, saving, sharing and deleting 


FishSpy will record footage at any range and will 

transmit live pictures up to 100M for Android devices 

and up to 60M for iOS devices. The maximum range 

depends on the quality of your Wi-Fi connection. For  

iOS devices we offer range extender cases that 

increase the range from 60M up to 100M.
To raise FishSpy higher in the water first pay line  

from your reel. If this does not raise FishSpy 

suffcieintly or if you are fishing in weedy water or 

distances of greater than 30M then fit the Foamy ring 

supplied with the camera. To further increase range, 

hold your device at chest height or above.


Getting a fish eyes view of your swim is quick and 

easy. Fan your casts then retrieve your FishSpy in 5M  

stages, keep checking the live stream to find the best 


feature finding a swim

re-establishing a connection

After submerging FishSpy or exceeding the range, 

FishSpy may need to reconnect to your device. Check 

your browser first and press the refresh icon

the picture doesn’t appear, the Wi-Fi has 

disconnected. It will reconnect automatically but you 

can also prompt it by asking it to ‘connect’. Return to 

your browser and the stream will reappear. If for any 

reason you cannot reconnect just bring the FishSpy 

closer to your mobile device.

. If

The higher you can position your mobile device 

and your FishSpy the better the range.



recording footage

FishSpy always transmits a picture but you have 

control over when it records a picture. To turn 

recording on or off simply press the record icon

The built in storage will record up to 7 hours of 



background image

Share your experiences and check out the most 

exciting footage with your fellow FishSpy users.

fishspy community

Enjoy the latest FishSpy articles and videos.

fishspy blog

Access to our dedicated customer care team who can 

advise on any aspect of FishSpy. Our customer care 

team will ensure you get the very best experience 

using your FishSpy and accessories.

sales and customer support

Get the latest firmware updates that let you do even 

more with your FishSpy. Ensure you keep your 

FishSpy up to date so you never miss out on the latest 


the latest fishspy firmware updates

website features include

The battery will last 3 hours, streaming live video to 

your mobile device whilst recording the footage at the 

same time.

how long does the battery last?

FishSpy has an internal hard drive that will hold up to 

7 hours of video. The video can be transferred to any 

other device by a USB lead. Videos stored on FishSpy 

itself can be managed/deleted via the FishSpy App or 

control screen.

how much footage can i record?

FishSpy uses a high quality, low light lens and sensor 

to enable you to see much more than you could with 

the naked eye. Light and depth will have an impact 

on your ability to see detail, so if the water is very 

murky or coloured, FishSpy can be submerged to the 

bottom to get a clearer picture of your bait or lakebed 

features. The video can then be played back remotely 

once FishSpy returns to the surface.

will fishspy work in murky water?

Submerge FishSpy by winding it down to the lakebed, 

record the footage, then allow FishSpy to return to the 

surface. As soon as FishSpy is on the surface you will 

be able to connect to the camera again and use the 

playback function to view the recorded footage.

how do i play footage back that has been 

taken on the lakebed?



It’s guaranteed to perform at depths of up to 10m.

how deep can fishspy be submerged?

Android devices will work up to 100m, Apple devices 

will work up to 60m as standard and up to 100m 

when fitted with the optional range extender. Poor 

weather conditions and high waves on the water can 

affect the normal working range. The height of your 

mobile device is really important in obtaining the best 

range, we recommend using one of our screen sticks. 

FishSpy has a ‘Foamy’ ring (supplied with the camera) 

which we recommend is fitted when using the camera 

over 30m.

what is fishspy’s range?

You can use any Wi-Fi enabled mobile device capable 

of playing a video. Smart phones, tablets, laptops etc. 

Android devices are able to connect automatically to 

the FishSpy through your browser interface (please 

use Google Chrome) whilst Apple devices require an 

App available free of charge from an App store. We 

strongly suggest you have the latest operating system 

update installed on your device.

which devices can i watch the footage on?

It’s attached in exactly the same way as you would 

attach a marker float, a boom is supplied with the 

camera. We recommend using a minimum of 50lb 

braid for your main line in conjunction with a FishSpy 

boom for your lead. In the unlikely event that FishSpy 

becomes detached from your line, don’t worry the 

camera floats so all is not lost.

how do i attach fishspy to my line and 

what happens if it comes off?

It weighs 90 grams so about the same weight as a 

large marker float.

how much does fishspy weigh?

FishSpy can be charged via a USB lead and takes just 

3 – 4 hours for a full charge.

how long does the battery take to charge?

No. FishSpy generates its own Wi-Fi signal which 

your mobile device receives. There is no need to have 

a phone signal or access to the internet.

do i need an internet or phone signal for 

fishspy to work?


background image

FishSpy is NOT suitable for saltwater use. Saltwater 

will damage FishSpy and will void the warranty.

can fishspy be used in saltwater?

FishSpy records pictures in a 640 x 480 resolution. 

This gives the perfect combination of picture quality 

and battery life in transmitting live footage to your 

mobile device.

what resolution is the picture?

No, there would be little sound to record and we 

wanted to maximise battery life to keep FishSpy in 

the action.

does fishspy have sound?

Following these hints and tips will help keep your 

FishSpy in tip-top condition and ready for your next 

fishing adventure.
Rinse off any sand or grit especially taking care 

around the locking nut and silicone ring area.
Clean the lens cover with a non-abrasive cloth such as 

a glasses cleaner, make sure that this cloth is clean 

and dirt free, otherwise you risk scratching your lens.
Should you get water penetration into the finned area,  

please leave to air dry. Do not charge or plug the USB 

cable into your FishSpy until its completely dry. Store 

only when completely dry, ensuring that any excess 

water is removed. Do not expose to over temperatures 

of over 50 degrees centigrade
Your FishSpy has been designed to absorb the impact 

of casting into water, please take care not to drop or 

cast your Fishspy into hard objects such as rocks or 

trees, your warranty does not cover damage of this 



All FishSpy cameras are supplied with a 12 month 

warranty against manufacturing faults or defects. This 

warranty excludes any accidental damage including 

but not limited to water ingress through failing to lock 

the cap correctly, excessive force when tightening 

the locking ring, impact damage with a hard surface 

such as a rock or tree or through natural wear and 

tear. Please follow the instructions and take care of 

your FishSpy and accessories because we cannot 

accept responsibility from incidental or consequential 

damages caused by the misuse of the FishSpy 

products or the accessories.

what warranty is provided?

how do i find my action shots?

Rather than searching through hours and hours of 

footage to find your action shots FishSpy features an 

‘action marker tag’

moments as they happen and quickly locate the best 

clips later for convenient playback.

so you can mark action 

**Calls cost 13p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge.

FishSpy at Total Fishing Gear 

Unit 6 

Ffrwdfrech industrial estate 



LD3 8LA 

United Kingom

0871 911 7045**




contact information

+44 1874 612778

Overseas No.:

Changing channels – Android or Apple (must be 

operated through browser not App)

what do i do if i am experiencing 

interference when playing back recordings 

or watching live stream footage?

Occasionally signal is interrupted and your footage 

will appear to glitch or jump when fishing at range or  

experiencing a poor Wi-Fi signal (this can be caused 

by rough water etc). For best viewing, adjust the 

buffer speed, by increasing the buffer rate, you will 

download much more video to your device prior to 

showing the video. You will have smoother, high 

quality video but you will have to wait longer before 

the video starts to play.

First check you have a good Wi-Fi signal. Ensure 

FishSpy is floating high in the water. Elavate yourself 

and your mobile device as high as possible.

Press apply changes

Change channel as appropriate

then choose Wi-Fi setting

Press apply, then follow on screen instructions

The default setting on your FishSpy is channel 6 

(you have from 1 to 11 channels to choose from). If 

however you have a number of FishSpys or other 

Wi-Fi devices near you and you are experiencing 

interference you can change your channel. It is very 

unlikely that you’ll ever need to change your channel, 

however if there is a lot of disruption to your signal we 

suggest you change to either 1, 5, 7 or 11, then switch 

back to 6 after fishing.

Go to settings

Buffer Speed – IOS Apple

Go to settings

and adjust buffer using slider bar


background image

For complete peace of mind all FishSpy cameras are supplied with a 12 month warranty against manufacturing 

faults or defects. Our warranty excludes any damage from an accident including but not limited to (water ingress 

through failing to lock the fin correctly, excessive force when tightening the locking ring, impact damage with a 

hard surface such as a rock or tree) or through natural wear and tear.
Total Fishing Gear accepts no responsibility from incidental or consequential damages caused by the  

misuse of the FishSpy products or accessories. FishSpy is NOT suitable for saltwater, use in 

saltwater will damage FishSpy and will void FishSpy warranty.
In the unlikely event that your FishSpy develops a fault in the first 12 months of 

purchase, in the first instance please contact us on 0871 911 7045** (overseas +44 

1874 612778) or email us at info@fishspy.com with details of the fault. If the 

issue cannot be resolved by us remotely, we will provide an RMA number 

for you to return the item to us for inspection, (if you live in the UK) or 

return to your place of purchase for customers outside the UK.

fishspy warranty

to activate your warranty

You can register your product online at: