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Native Watercraft Propel Pedal drive Owner's Manual

Made by: Native Watercraft
Type: Owner's Manual
Category: Boating Equipment
Pages: 12
Size: 2.19 MB


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Although the Propel Drive is very dependable, never 
pedal out farther than you are willing to paddle back. 




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Your Propel comes shipped to 

you in this robust box to help 
prevent shipping damage and 

requires some assembly. 

Propel Parts Bag.* 

Left and Right 

Crankarm Assemblies 

Main Propel Assembly 

*The Propel Parts Bag 



1)  4mm Hex Wrench 
1)  8mm Hex Wrench 
2)  Crank Arm Bolts 
1)  Spare Shear Pin 


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 Retrieve your thwart tube from 

your kayak and insert the tube 

through one side of the thwart tube 


 Center the thwart tube on the 

thwart clamp. 

Assembly Instructions 

Step 1.   Install Thwart Tube 

Secure the thwart tube in place by tightening the screws to 

35 in/lbs (4Nm) 


torque, utilizing the included 4mm hex wrench . This is just enough pressure 

to keep the bar from spinning when rotated with a firm grip.  

Do not over tighten these two screws. Over tightening will result in 

damage not covered under warranty.





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The Crankarms on the Propel, like 
a bike, are Left and Right specific. 
The correct orientation of the Pro-
pel is with the prop facing you and 
the thwart away from you, as you 
would pedal it in your kayak. 

Left                        Right 



Install the Left and Right Crankarms


On the Crankarms and caps are color coded “L” and “R” stickers. There is 
also a “L” and “R” laser etched into the Crankarms for future reference. 

Left side color coded Orange 

Right side color coded Green 

Install the Crankarm bolts; starting them by hand and then tightening 

25 ft/lbs. (35Nm)

 utilizing the included 8mm hex wrench.



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Install your Propel™ in your Kayak




Lock Propel™ 



 Set the aluminum thwart tube into 
the half round recesses located in 
front of the drive box. Push the 
slider latch forward to lock the tube 
in place. To remove the Propel™ , 
push the slider latch backward to 
unlock the tube, repeat on opposite 

Lower the Propel™ through the 
drive box. Lock the Propel™ in 
position with the slider latch in-
stalled on the front of your drive 
box. Replace the drive box cover.  


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Maintenance and Service



Much like the drive train of a bike, the Propel™ will require routine 
inspection and maintenance. Native Watercraft recommends maintenance 
every 6 months, or 75 days of use. The main purposes of these services are 
to ensure the internal gears of the unit remain properly lubricated and the 
covers remain tight and sealed. Failure to maintain these two key points may 
result in abnormal wearing of the gears and eventual failure of the unit. If 
you do not feel comfortable performing the prescribe maintenance, please 
contact your local dealer or Native Watercraft for assistance. 

Cleaning of your Propel™  


Spray off 


with a water hose after each use, especially after use in 

saltwater. Do not use a high pressure car wash type sprayer


Regular Maintenance Instructions 



Check Covers


The covers are threaded into the Propel™ frame and use thread locker to 
ensure they do not come loose due to vibration and the rotational motion of 
the spindle. However, to ensure the proper function of the internal gears, it 
is important that the covers are completely threaded and flush to the frame. 
Visually inspect the top and bottom covers and, if necessary, use a spanner 
wrench to tighten. These covers should be inspected before every use. If the 
covers are loose, or have been removed, they should be reassembled using 
blue thread locker on the cap threads. 

Covers should be flush with frame. 

Note: Operating the Propel™ with loose covers may result 
in damage to the gears that is not covered under warranty. 


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Lubricate Upper Gear Set


Your Propel™ utilizes gears that have been specifically designed for the 
most efficient and quiet transmission of your pedaling power. In order to 
ensure the same smooth function from the day you first purchased your 
boat, the gears will require a small amount of lubrication. Through the 
convenient grease port, you will be able to apply grease directly to the 
gears using an extended nozzle and Teflon grease. A lubrication kit can 
also be purchased from your local dealer. 




Inject 2 to 3 pumps of grease 

and replace grease port screw. 

Rotate crank arms slowly to 

apply grease throughout the 

gear assembly. 

Use an extended nose grease gun 

to reach gears. 

Remove grease port screw using 

a 3/16” hex wrench. 


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Lubricate Lower Gear Set







Return the cartridge to the main body. 

Be careful of gear conflict 

during the replacement of the housing.

 To avoid damage to gears, 

tighten by hand as much as possible, and if you feel resistance, stop 
and rotate the propeller spindle counterclockwise a few degrees . 

Grease the Propeller Gear 

on the cartridge with 2 

pumps from the grease gun. 

Remove the propeller by 
following the “Shear Pin 

Replacement” instructions 

on the facing page. Next, 

remove the cartridge using 

a spanner wrench with 

3/16” pins. 

Grease the Lower Trans-

mission Gear by inserting 

the extended nose grease 

gun and injecting 2 pumps 

onto the gear. 


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Remove the end bolt using a 

4mm hex wrench. Pull the prop 

straight back to remove the prop 

and expose the shear pin. 

Shear Pin Replacement 

In order to ensure that the gears of your Propel™ are not damage if the prop 
is hit during rotation, your propeller is fixed to the drive shaft with a shear 
pin. An extra shear pin is included with your new boat to ensure you are 
never without your Propel™. In the event that you need a new shear pin, 
please contact your local dealer to order replacement components. 


Replace the shear pin. 

Replace the prop, making sure the 

pin sets into recesses the in prop. 

Replace the bolt and tighten 1/2 

turn past the bolt engagement with 

the propeller.  


Note: The prop bolt only holds the 

prop to the shear pin, it does not 

drive the propeller, so it does not 

need to be very tight..



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Propel™ Easy Cruz Kit 
- Propeller and Shear Pin 
Replacement Kit. 


- Includes Propeller and 2 Shear 


Propel™ Lubrication Kit 
- For recommended maintenance 
of the Propel™ gear system. 
- Includes 3.5 oz. of Teflon 
lubricant, pump with an extended 
nozzle, and 3/16” hex key to 
access fill port.


Propel™  Kits 





Kit # AKIT001 

Kit # APRO002 


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Two Year Limited Warranty 


We at Native Paddlesports take great pride in the Propel™ line of boats we 
produce. Your Propel™ is manufactured to stringent standards, built for 
endurance, and sold exclusively by our outstanding dealer network. Native 
Watercraft guarantees and warrants your new Propel™ against defects in 
workmanship and materials for two years from its purchase date. 
For warranty to  be valid, the original purchaser must have registered their 
boat via the Native Watercraft website within two weeks of the purchase. 
Warranty is only valid to the original owner. 
To submit a warranty claim: 
The warranty claim must be submitted to Native Watercraft by the dealer 
from which the Propel™ was originally purchased. In submitting the 
claim, the dealer will need: 


Serial Number of the Boat 


Serial Number of Propel™ 


Proof of purchase 


Physical inspection of the Propel™ or pictures of the area in question 

This warranty does not cover: 


Normal wear to the Propel™ 


Damage caused by abuse or misuse 


Damage caused by failure to perform routine maintenance 


Failure due to improper transportation 


Issues resulting from modifications to the boat or Propel™ that were 

made by anyone other than a Native Watercraft Authorized Dealer.