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Hoover 5007PH Manual

Made by: Hoover
Type: Manual
Category: Vacuum Cleaner
Pages: 16
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Bagged Vacuum 

Cleaner with Powerhead

Compact Powerhead  

for a Powerful Clean

Washable HEPA Filtration

High Efficiency Soft Start Motor

action pets


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  Air Outlet


  Handle Release Button


  Telescopic Tube






  Cover Release Button


  Accessories Storage Compartment


  Exhaust Filter Grill


  On/Off Button


  Variable Speed Dial


  Automatic Cable Retract Button


  Power Cable & Plug (not shown)


  Powerhead Release Button


Max Watts:

 1500W + 100W =1600W

Dust Capacity:


Noise Level:


Hose Length:


Telescopic Tube:


Power Cable Length:




Accessories: (not shown)

Combination Floor Brush
Crevice Tool
Upholstery Brush

Dusting Brush
Hand Turbo Brush

Please contact Hoover Customer Care 1300 360 845. 

NZ (09) 263 7573 to find your local spare parts provider.

5007PH Action Pets

Congratulations on the purchase of your new HOOVER vacuum cleaner. There are many useful 
features built into your cleaner and we recommend that you carefully read this instruction manual 
so that you take best advantage of them.


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Before you Begin

This cleaner must be operated in accordance with these instructions and used only for domestic 

household cleaning to remove DRY dirt and dust from household carpets, flooring, walls and fabrics. 

This cleaner is not fit to be used as an industrial cleaner and will void the manufacturer’s warranty if used 


Please read these instructions thoroughly

This will ensure you obtain full benefit from your new cleaner. Keep this Instruction Manual in a handy 

place for future reference.


Always switch the cleaner off and remove the plug from the electricity supply before cleaning your 

appliance, when not in use, or attempting any maintenance task. The cleaner must only be connected to 

an AC supply at the voltage shown on the rating plate. This cleaner should only be used for its intended 

purpose as described in these instructions.

Precautionary measures:


Do not

 operate the vacuum cleaner too close to heaters, radiators and other hot surfaces.

2.  Before inserting the plug into the wall, make sure your hand is dry.

3.   Before turning on the vacuum cleaner, remove any large or sharp objects from the 

floor or cleaning surface in order to prevent damage to the filter.

4.  When you want to pull the plug from the wall, 

do not

 use the power cable, gently 

pull the plug from the power socket.

5.  Do not use vacuum cleaner to pick up water or liquids.

This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a plug and a cable, which rewinds automatically. If anything gets 
damaged, both the plug  and the cable must be repaired by a qualified technician.


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Before you Begin


When using your vacuum cleaner, basic 

precautions should always be observed, including 

the following;
1.  This appliance is 


 intended for use by 

persons (including children) with reduced 

physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack 

of experience and knowledge, unless they 

have been given supervision or instruction 

concerning use of the appliance by a person 

responsible for their safety.

2.  Children should be supervised to ensure that 


do not

 play with the appliance.

3.  To prevent electrical shock, 

do not


the appliance, power cord or power plug into 

water or other liquids.

4.  To prevent electrical shock, 

do not

 use the 

vacuum cleaner outdoors or on wet surfaces.

5.  Always check the power cord before use. The 

power cord and the plug should be in a good 

condition and must not be damaged. If the 

power supply cord is damaged or defective, 

it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its 

service agent or similarly qualified person in 

order to avoid a hazard.


Do not

 unplug by pulling on the power cord. 

To unplug, grasp the plug not the power cord. 

Use only Australian and New Zealand electrical 

safety approved extension cords.


Do not

 pull or carry the appliance by the power 

cable, do not use the power cable as a handle 

or pull the power cable around sharp edges or 

corners. Avoid running the appliance over the  

power cable.

8.  Ensure the appliance is switched off before 



Do not

 handle or operate the appliance 

with wet hands and follow electrical safety 

precautions at all times.

10.  Extreme caution should be exercised when 

using the appliance on stairs.


Do not

 attempt to change the attachments 

while the appliance is plugged in to mains 

power supply. Switch off and remove plug from 

mains power supply. Use only manufacturer’s 

recommended accessories.


Do not

 operate the vacuum cleaner too close 

to heaters, radiators and other 

hot surfaces.


Do not

 use the appliance to pick up flammable 

items or combustible liquids (i.e. petrol, 

hot ashes, cigarettes, matches, explosive 

materials or anything burning) or use in areas 

where such substances and items may be 



Do not

 use the appliance to pick up toxic 

materials (i.e. chlorine bleach, ammonia).

15.  Ensure the appliance is disconnected from the 

mains power supply before connecting the 

hose to the unit.

Safety Precautions & Warnings

IMPORTANT! Always switch off the cleaner and remove the plug from the 

electricity power supply before cleaning your appliance, when not in use or 

attempting any maintenance task. The cleaner must only be connected to an 

AC power supply at the voltage shown on the rating label. This cleaner should 

only be used for its intended purpose as described in this instruction manual. 

Never operate the vacuum cleaner without filters.


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Do not

 operate or use the appliance without the 

dust bag and/or filters in place.

17.  Before vacuuming, remove any large or sharp 

objects from the floor or cleaning surface in order 

to prevent damage to the filter.

18.  If the air inlet, floor head or the telescopic tube 

are blocked, switch off the cleaner straight away 

and remove from the mains power. First clear 

the blocked object before attempting to start the 

vacuum cleaner again.

19.  Hold the plug when rewinding onto the cord reel. 

To prevent accidental injury 

do not

 allow the plug 

to whip when rewinding.


Do not

 extend the power cable beyond the 

yellow mark.


Do not

 leave the appliance unattended when it is 

connected to a mains power supply.

22.  Before carrying out any maintenance service 

or cleaning the filters, always switch off the 

vacuum cleaner and disconnect the plug 

from the power supply.

23.  Keep ends of the hose, telescopic tube and 

other openings away from your face and body.


Do not

 use the vacuum cleaner if it is damaged 

or breaks down. Check the electrical regularly 

for defects. If connection cables, electrical 

hoses, electrical contacts and electric tubes are 

damaged, have them replaced immediately.



 clean the vacuum cleaner or any of 

the electrical parts, especially the electrical 

connections with water or liquid cleaners.



 attempt to make any modifications 

electrically to the vacuum cleaner.

27.  Always store the appliance indoors in a cool 

and dry place.


Do not

 pick up water. Dry household use only.

29.  Damage caused by improper use or by not 

observing the instructions in this manual will 

void warranty.

Vacuum Cleaner with Power Head

1.  The electric hose contains electrical connections;


Do not

 immerse it in water for cleaning;


-   The hose should be checked regularly and 

must not

 be used if damaged.


-   The vacuum cleaner handle contains 

electrical connections. The handle is not a 

serviceable part


-   The vacuum cleaner rod contains electrical 

connections. The rod is 


 a serviceable part


-   The vacuum cleaner powerhead contains 

electrical connections. The powerhead is not 

a serviceable part.

2.  Use the electric power head only for vacuuming 

dust and dry substances in the home.



 run over the power cable with the power 

head as the cable could get damaged.



 touch the brush roller while the vacuum 

cleaner is connected to the mains power.

5.  To prevent unnecessary wear on the power 

head, the cleaning nozzle keeps moving while 

in operation.

Safety Precautions & Warnings


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Assembling the Vacuum Cleaner

IMPORTANT! Always remove the plug from the power socket before fitting 

or removing accessories.

1. Fitting or Removing the Flexible Hose


Insert the flexible hose into the air inlet of the vacuum. Press until it 
clicks into position.


Remove the plug from the power socket and then release the flexible 
hose from the air inlet by depressing the two buttons.

b.   Fit the floor head to the telescopic tube, gently insert the 

telescopic tube into the floor head and push until it clicks  
in place.


You will hear the click sound.

2.  Fitting the Telescopic Tube 

and Accessories

Important: Ensure the powerhead switch on the handle is 

in the “off” position before fitting the handle to the tube.


 Fit the telescopic tube to the handle, gently insert the handle 
into the telescopic tube and push until it clicks in place.


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Assembling the Vacuum Cleaner

Ideal for picking up pet hair on upholstery.

Note: The hand turbo brush adaptor must be used to fit the telescopic 

tube to the accessory.

1.  Insert the smaller end of the adaptor into the end of the hand turbo brush.
2.  Insert the larger end of the adaptor into your handle or telescopic rod.
3.  The hand turbo tool is now ready to be used with the vacuum.

Note: Unlock the side release buttons by sliding them up or down as 

required. This will allow you to rotate the rubber external bristle to face 

upwards, allowing a closer clean as required.

Hand Turbo Brush

Combination Floor Head:

 For use on hard 

floors and carpet.


 For use on carpet for a deep clean.

Crevice tool:

 For radiators, crevices, corners, 

baseboards and between cushions.

Upholstery tool:

 For vacuuming furniture 

and upholstery.

Dusting brush:

 For furniture, blinds, bookshelves 

and lamp shades.

Hand Turbo Tool:

 For removing pet hair and dirt 

from upholstery and bedding.


Ideal for daily cleaning on carpets 
and hard floors*.
* Powerhead  is 


 ideal for  

hard floors.


Hard Floors



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Instructions for Use

Before using the appliance, unwind a sufficient length of cable and insert the 

plug into the power socket. A yellow mark on the power cable shows the ideal 

cable length. Don’t extend the cable beyond the red mark.

1.   Press the ON/OFF button to turn the vacuum on.

2.  To rewind the power cable, press the retract button with 

one hand and guide the cable with the other hand to ensure 
that it does not whip, causing damage to the cable.

3.  Press the ON/OFF button on the handle to operate the 





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IMPORTANT! Ensure the vacuum cleaner is not connected to the power supply 

when performing any maintenance procedures. Use a damp cloth and mild  

detergent when cleaning the appliance.

Vacuum Cleaner Storage

When not in use, ensure the cleaner is not connected to the power supply and pull the power cable 
gently out of the power socket. Press the automatic cord rewind button to reel in the power cable.  
Hang the floor brush onto the floor park. The powerhead must be stored separately. Store the cleaner 
in a cool dry location.

Changing the Dust Bag

Always operate the cleaner with the dust bag installed. If 
you forget to attach the dust bag or attach it in the wrong 
direction, the dust bag cover may not close completely.
1.  Remove the hose from the inlet.
2.  Open the cover.

3.   Remove the dust bag holder and dust bag from 

the machine.

4.   Remove the dust bag when it is full and replace bag 

by sliding a new dust bag into the bag holder in the 
direction of the arrow. 

5.  Replace the bag holder and bag into the machine.
6.  Gently close the cover, you will hear it click closed.


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Inlet Filter Cleaning or Replacement

WARNING! Ensure the cleaner is unplugged from the power supply when 

performing any maintenance.

•  The inlet filter should be cleaned at least every 6 months or 

when it becomes visibly dirty.


Always operate the cleaner with clean filters installed. 
Otherwise, loss of suction or motor damage may result.

•  Do not use a washing machine to clean the inlet filter. ONLY 

clean the filter with lukewarm water.

•  Do not use a hair drier to dry the filter. Please allow the filter to 

air dry for 24 hours before reinstalling.

•  To replace the inlet filter:

1  Open the dust bag cover.
2  Separate the filter from the filter bracket assembly.
3   Replace the filter with a new or clean filter back into the 

filter bracket assembly.

Exhaust Filter Cleaning or Replacement

1.  Open the dust bag cover and remove the exhaust filter.
2.  Clean the filter with lukewarm water (no soap) and allow 24 

hours to air dry before reinstalling.

3.  It is recommended to replace the exhaust filter every 6 



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Hand Turbo Brush

Warning: Ensure the cleaner is unplugged from the mains power supply when 

performing any maintenance.

1.  To remove the clear cover the collar lock must be in unlocked 

by twisting the collar lock anticlockwise.

2.  The rotating bristles must be unlocked and in the upward 

position. To unlock the rotating bristles push the lock button 
on the side of the turbo brush to the downward position.

3.  Remove the clear cover.

4.  Remove any dirt or hair from the roller brush.

5.  Replace the clear cover.
6.  Lock the collar lock by twisting clockwise.
7.  Rotate the rotating bristles to the downward position and lock 

in place by pushing the lock button on the side of the turbo 
brush to the upward position.


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Changing the Motorised Powerhead Drive Belt

WARNING: To reduce the risk of electrocution or injury, ensure the cleaner 

is switched off and unplugged from the power supply before preforming any 


Depending on how much your vacuum is used, the motorised 
powerhead drive belt will occasionally require changing.
1.   Disconnect the powerhead from the telescopic tube.

Cleaning the Motorised Powerhead

The rotating brush must be free  of debris for effective cleaning 
and maximum suction. Disconnect the motorised powerhead 
and inspect the rotating brush. If a buildup of debris is visible 
around the rotating brush, remove by carefully cutting with 
scissors. Avoid damaging or cutting the bristles.

2.  Turn the powerhead upside down and remove the small 

screw from the centre of the powerhead.




background image




4.   To remove the rotating brush, lift the right side of the brush 

first from the powerhead, followed by the left side, where 
the belt loops around the end cap.

5.   Slide the old belt off the drive shaft and then off the end 

cap. If the belt is broken, remove all the broken pieces.

6.   Place the new belt over the drive shaft first and then around 

the end cap. Make sure the text on the belt is outward 
facing, then insert the rotating brush back in to the power 

7.   Replace the bottom plate and insert the screw.

Changing the Motorised Powerhead Drive Belt (continued)

3.  Release the 4 clips from the underside, allowing you to 

remove the bottom plate.


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Part Number

Filter Set


Bag Holder


Dust Bag 5Pk


Hose Assembly





Problems and Solutions

If you come across a problem, please refer to the troubleshooting checklist below. If the problem still 

persists, please contact Hoover Customer Care for further assistance.



The cleaner will not turn on.

Check that the power cable is inserted securely; remove from the 
power supply and then reinsert into the power supply.
Check that the on/off switch is in the “ON” position.

The vacuum performance 
is deteriorating.

Check the appliance to ensure there are no blockages.
Clear any blockages that may be found.
Check that the air-inlet filter is not dusty; frequently clean rubbish or 
replace air-inlet and air-outlet HEPA filters every 6 months.

The cleaner makes an 
abnormal sound when 
switched on.

Turn off the cleaner immediately.
Check the appliance to ensure there are no blockages.
Please clear any blockages that may be found.

Light on suction control dial is 
illuminated or flashing.

This can be caused by a full dust bag or blockage within the hose 
or rod.

Please contact Hoover Customer Care: 1300 360 845 or NZ: (09) 263 7573 to find your 
local spare parts provider or for further assistance.


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V1 09/15

Conditions of warranty

Your Hoover cleaner, in the case of domestic use, has a two year 

parts and labour warranty against product defects and failures when 

the product is used in accordance with the terms and conditions of 

this warranty statement.
This warranty commences from the original date of purchase and is 

not transferable; please retain your original proof of purchase for any 

warranty claims. This warranty is valid only in the country where the 

cleaner is purchased.
The cleaner must be operated in accordance with these instructions 

and used only for domestic household cleaning to remove DRY dirt 

and dust from household carpets, flooring and fabrics. This cleaner 

is not fit to be used as an industrial cleaner, and is not designed for 

the collection of vitreous building material including particle board, 

construction products and similar products such as wood/fibres, 

cement, fillers, fibre glass etc or excessive or frequent sand. The 

infrequent pick-up of these materials in these circumstances may be 

harmful to your cleaner and may void the manufacturer’s warranty.
Accessories and consumables including dust bags and filters, 

unless defective in manufacture, are not subject to this warranty. In 

order to prolong the life of accessories and consumables, regular 

care and maintenance is recommended.
When properly used and cared for, your cleaner will render excellent 

service; refer to the instruction manual for further details, as misuse 

or failure to follow the instructions makes this warranty void. 
In the event of service or advice being needed, please contact 

Electrical Home-Aids Pty Ltd Pty Ltd, Ground Level, Building 3 

Brandon Business Park, 530 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley 

Victoria 3150, or on 1300 360 845, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST. 

The decision to repair or replace the cleaner is at the sole discretion 

of Electrical Home-Aids Pty Ltd. If Electrical Home-Aids Pty Ltd 

decide to repair or replace the cleaner, it will do so at its own cost.
Electrical Home-Aids Pty Ltd is unable to accept responsibility under 

this warranty for any repair work not carried out by an authorised 

Hoover Service Agent or from the use of non-genuine parts. If any 

part is no longer available or manufactured, Electrical Home-Aids 

Pty Ltd will replace it with a genuine functional replacement part. 

This warranty does not apply to the cost of replacing any parts 

of the product due to normal wear and tear, alterations, improper 

installation, physical abuse, misuse or accidental damage. Any 

transportation costs involved in the repair of defective parts shall be 

borne by the claimant.
If proof of purchase cannot be provided at the time of a warranty 

claim or service, any work carried out on the cleaner is chargeable.
The repair or replacement of the cleaner under  this warranty does 

not extend the original period of warranty.
The benefits conferred by this warranty are  in addition to all other 

rights and remedies in respect of the product as outlined under the 

Competition and Consumer Act and other State and Territory laws.
“Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded in 

the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement 

or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other 

reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have 

the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable 

quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.”

Call Hoover Customer Care 

with any product queries


1300 360 845 

New Zealand 

(09) 263 7573

To find out more about our range,






action pets

Bagged Vacuum 

Cleaner with Powerhead