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Home Hero VC9387 Manual

Made by: Home Hero
Type: Manual
Category: Vacuum Cleaner
Pages: 13
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We guarantee the purchase price of 

this product will be credited in full 

against the price of a new product 

purchased from our extensive range of 

Hoover and Wertheim vacuums, steam 

products and extractors instore.*

Upgrade Guarantee



*subject to specific terms & conditions

Carpet Shampooer

700w Max Power

Washes Carpets and Removes Stains
Agitating Brush Bar
Finger Tip Trigger Spray Control
1 Year Warranty

Washes Carpets and Removes Stains
Agitating Brush Bar
Finger Tip Trigger Spray Control
1 Year Warranty

Carpet Shampooer

700w Max Power

Product Code: 12300063

Model Number:



International Cleaning Solutions Pty Ltd

Level 1, Building 2

Brandon Business Park

530 Springvale Rd

Glen Waverley, VIC 3150

Customer Care: 1800 815 270

Made in China

V1 0312


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Congratulations on the purchase of your new Home Hero carpet shampooer. There are 

many useful features built into your shampooer and we recommend that you carefully 

read this instruction manual so that you may take best advantage of them.


This product must be operated in accordance with these instructions and used only for 

domestic cleaning to remove dirt and dust from household carpets, flooring and fabrics.


This will ensure you obtain full benefit from your new carpet shampooer.  

Keep this instruction manual in a handy place for future reference.


Always switch the appliance off and remove the plug from the electricity supply 

before cleaning your appliance, when not in use, or attempting any maintenance 

task. The cleaner must only be connected to an AC supply at the voltage shown 

on the rating plate. This cleaner should only be used for its intended purpose as 

described in these instructions. Never operate the carpet shampooer without filters.


Do not

 handle the plug or carpet shampooer with wet hands.


Do not

 put any objects into the openings or operate with the openings blocked. 

Keep them free of anything that may reduce airflow.

•   Keep hair, loose clothing, fingers and all parts of the body away from openings 

and moving parts.


Do not

 use the carpet shampooer on any glowing, burning or smoking particles.


Do not 

use without the solution tank and dirty water tank in place.

•   Turn off all controls before unplugging.

Do not

 use to pick up flammable or combustible liquids such as petrol, or use in 

areas where they may be present.


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 Carpets should be dry vacuumed thoroughly before washing. Use a vacuum 

cleaner with a powerbrush for best results.


 If the power cord is damaged it must be replaced by an authorized service agent 

or similarly qualified persons.
Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the 

appliance. Close attention is necessary when used near children.
* This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with 

reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and 

knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use 

of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
If using an extension cord please make sure that it is of an approved type and that it 

is fully extended. Failure to do so could cause your cleaner to overheat and damage it.


Consult the troubleshooting guide in this manual if your carpet shampooer fails to 

operate properly.
Do not continue to use this appliance if it appears to be faulty or the supply cord is 

damaged. If a fault can not be rectified, please return to the point of purchase.


Switch the cleaner off and remove the plug from the electricity supply. Always switch 

off and remove the plug before attaching any accessories or cleaning the appliance.


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1.    Water Release Trigger
2.    Cable Reel Hook
3.   Power Cable and Plug
4.  Clean Water Tank Lever
5.  Clean Water Tank
6.  On/Off Switch 
7.   Release Pedal (not shown on image)

8.  Suction Nozzle and Brush
9. Base 
10. Dirty Water Tank
11. Dirty Water Tank Handle
12. Unit Body 
13. Top Piece and Handle 















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The appliance should be switched off 

and disconnected from the power supply 

before you start to assemble.



You will need a cross-head screwdriver.
1.   Take the handle and unscrew both 

screws from the bottom ends of  

the handle.

2.   Insert the handle onto the adapter 

of the unit body and screw the 

screws back into the boreholes.


1.   Lay the dirty water tank in the base 

of the unit and fold down the handle 

of the tank until it audibly engages.

2.  Insert the fresh water tank into the 

unit body. First insert the valve into 

the round depression on the backside 

of the appliance and then press the 

top of the tank against the centre 

piece until it audibly engages.

3.   Turn the lower hooks of the cable 

reel downward and wrap the power 

cable around both hooks of the 

cable reel.

4.  The cleaner is now ready for operation.


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IMPORTANT: Do not use the carpet shampooer as a dry vacuum.

1.   Vacuum carpet thoroughly. Use a vacuum cleaner with a powerbrush for best results.
2.   Remove as much furniture from the room as possible. If unable to remove the 

furniture, place plastic or foil under and around the legs until the carpet has 

dried completely.


•   Only use a low foam solution with this carpet shampooer.
•  Do not oversaturate carpet with cleaning solution while using the carpet shampooer.
•  For heavily soiled areas, additional applications may be necessary.
•  Allow plenty of time for carpet to dry thoroughly.
•  Wipe cleaning solution from woodwork and wood to prevent any damage.
•  Try not to walk on carpet until it is completely dry.
•  After carpet is thoroughly dry, vacuum the carpet using a vacuum cleaner with


a powerbrush.

•  Before cleaning, determine where to start and end, making sure not to walk 

over previously cleaned areas.


Before cleaning carpet, test for colour fastness. Dampen a white cloth with solution. 

Test a small area of carpet in a closet. Gently rub the cloth over the carpet. Check 

each colour for colour bleeding. If the cloth remains clean, it should be safe to clean 

the carpet.


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The appliance should be switched off and 

disconnected from the power supply.
Never operate without filters as 

damage to appliance could occur.
Only fill the fresh water tank with 

commercially available carpet cleaning 

solutions for carpet shampooers. 
Do not use any high-foaming solutions 

as an excessive amount of foam impairs 

the functioning of the shampooer.
If unsuitable cleaning solutions are 

used, this will void warranty.

1.  Hold the fresh water tank by the 

handle and pull up the unlocking 

lever. The tank is released from the 

locking mechanism.

2.  Remove the fresh water tank from 

the appliance.

3.   Unscrew the ring cap on the bottom 

of the tank and remove the valve 

together with the water hose.

4.  Add solution into the tank. Please 

note the dosage of the cleaning 


5.  Fill the fresh water tank up to the 

MAX filling line with warm water 

(max. 38°C). Preferably use distilled 

water to prevent calcification.

6.  Then close the tank using the valve 

and ring cap.

7.  Insert the fresh water tank into the 

centre piece.


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Plug the cord into an electrical socket. Turn on the appliance by using the  

on/off switch located on the side of the appliance.

IMPORTANT: Never leave the appliance unattended with the power on. 

Turn off when emptying and filling tanks. Do not oversaturate the carpet.

1.   Determine where you want to start and stop cleaning. We recommend 

that right-handed persons start on the right carpet border and left handed 

persons start on the left carpet border. Cleaning solution may leak out of the 

shampooer once it is deactivated. For this reason, have a cloth laid out that you 

can place the shampooer on after use.

2.   Completely unwind the power cord from the hook, insert it in the cord 

bracket and connect it with an easily accessible socket whose power voltage 

corresponds to the shampooer’s technical data.

3.   Press down the shampooer unlocking pedal and set the handle to a 

comfortable position.

4.   Using your foot, press the on/off switch to turn on the appliance.
5.   Run the shampooer to a corner of the carpet.
6.  Push the shampooer forward along the carpet border and depress the button for 

emitting the cleaning solution. This will apply and brush the cleaning solution 

into the carpet. In the process, walk next to the shampooer. Do not step on the 

wet carpet! Once you have arrived at the other end of the carpet, release the 


7.   Now go over the same strip in reverse. The dirty water will be vacuumed up.
8.   Start the next strip slightly overlapping the cleaned carpet strip. Work with even 

forward and backward movements up to the other edge of the carpet. In the 

event of stubborn dirt, go over a strip of the carpet several times if necessary.

9.   When the dirty water tank is filled to the max marking, it must be emptied 

(see the “Cleaning the shampooer” section). If you would like to empty the 

dirty water tank, fill up the fresh water tank or finish cleaning, switch off the 

appliance by pressing the on/off switch, lay it on the prepared cloth, and bring 

the handle to the upright position.

10.   Remove the power plug from the power socket.


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•   Let the freshly cleaned carpet dry completely.
•   Do not step on it as long as it is still wet. If this cannot be avoided, lay out white 

cloth and step on them.

•   If the cleaning solution ends up on wood floors or furniture, wipe it up.
•   If the carpet is not dry and the furniture must be placed back in the room, use 

plastic or foil under the furniture to prevent staining the carpet.

•  Vacuum clean the dry carpet with a vacuum cleaner. Use a brush adapter for 

this (if possible).

•  After use, the water tank has to be emptied and rinsed out (see the “cleaning 

the shampooer section”). Do not store or transport the appliance when liquid is 

still in the tanks.



Prior to each cleaning, pull the power plug out 

of the socket.
Do not wash filters in the washing machine.
Only air dry the filters and do not in any 

case use a hair dryer.
When cleaning the housing, do not use  

any chemical cleaners. They could damage  

the shampooer.

1.   Make sure that the power plug is pulled out.
2.   Empty the dirty water tank. To do so, fold up the hand and pull the tank out of 

the base of the appliance.

3.   The cap is on the back of the tank. Turn it 90° counterclockwise to open it.
4.   Pour out the dirty water and rinse the tank out thoroughly with warm water 

(max. 38°C).

5.   The exhaust air filter is located at the top of the dirty water tank. Press the 

locking mechanism outward toward the filter and remove the filter mount.

6.   Take the filter out of the holder and rinse it off with warm water.
7.   Take the protective motor filter out of the main unit and rinse it off with 

warm water.

8.   Pour the leftover cleaning solution out of the fresh water tank and clean the 

tank thoroughly with warm water.

9.   As required, wipe down the appliance with a moist cloth.
10.  Let all parts of the appliance (even the brushes on the bottom of the 

shampooer, use luke warm water) dry completely before storing it.


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Reduced spray or no spray.  1.  Water tank empty. 

1.  Refill tank with water  

and solution.

Not picking up cleaning 


1.  Collection tank not 

fitted properly.

2.  Collection tank is full.

1.  Check alignment of  

the tanks.

2.  Empty the tank.


Possible Cause 




Please contact Customer Care 1800 815 270 to find you local spare parts provider.

Product Number

Product Description


Filter Set (pre motor and exhaust)


Solution Tank Assembly


Dirty Water Tank


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Keep this Guarantee and your receipt as proof of purchase.

Purchase Date


Our policy is one of continuous development and accordingly we reserve the right 

to change specifications without prior knowledge.

International Cleaning Solutions Pty Ltd

(ACN 119 462 798)

Level 1, Building 2, Brandon Business Park, 

530 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley Victoria 3150

This warranty on your cleaner commences 

from the original date of purchase and is not 

transferable; please retain your original proof  

of purchase for any warranty claims. This 

warranty is valid only in the country where the 

cleaner is purchased.
The cleaner must be operated in accordance 

with these instructions and used only for 

domestic household cleaning to remove 

DRY dirt and dust from household carpets, 

flooring and fabrics. This cleaner is not fit 

to be used as an industrial cleaner, and is 

not designed for the collection of vitreous 

building material including particle board, 

construction products and similar products 

such as wood/fibres, cement, fillers, fibre 

glass etc or excessive or frequent sand. The 

infrequent pick-up of these materials in these 

circumstances may be harmful to your cleaner 

and may void the manufacturer’s warranty.
Accessories and consumables including 

dust bags and filters, unless defective in 

manufacture, are not subject to this warranty. 

In order to prolong the life of accessories and 

consumables, regular care and maintenance  

is recommended.
When properly used and cared for, your 

cleaner will render excellent service; refer to the 

instruction manual for further details, as misuse 

or failure to follow the instructions makes this 

warranty void. 
In the event of service or advice being needed, 

please contact International Cleaning Solutions 

Pty Ltd, Level 1, Building 2, Brandon Business 

Park, 530 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley, 

Victoria 3150, or on 1800 815 270,  

Monday - Friday 9am-5pm (EST).  

Email: customerservice@icsh.com.au. 

The decision to repair or replace the cleaner is 

at the sole discretion of International Cleaning 

Solutions Pty Ltd.
International Cleaning Solutions Pty Ltd is 

unable to accept responsibility under this 

warranty for any repair work not carried out by 

an authorised International Cleaning Solutions 

Service Agent or from the use of non-genuine 

parts. If any part is no longer available or 

manufactured, International Cleaning Solutions 

Pty Ltd will replace it with a genuine functional 

replacement part.
This warranty does not apply to the cost of 

replacing any parts of the product due to normal 

wear and tear, alterations, improper installation, 

physical abuse, misuse or accidental damage. 

Any transportation costs involved in the repair of 

defective parts shall be borne by the claimant.
If proof of purchase cannot be provided at the 

time of a warranty claim or service, any work 

carried out on the cleaner is chargeable. The 

repair or replacement of the cleaner under this 

warranty does not extend the original period  

of warranty.  
The benefits conferred by this warranty are 

 in addition to all other rights and remedies in 

respect of the product as outlined under the 

Competition and Consumer Act and other State 

and Territory laws.
“Our goods come with guarantees that cannot 

be excluded in the Australian Consumer Law. 

You are entitled to a replacement or refund for 

a major failure and for compensation for any 

other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. 

You are also entitled to have the goods repaired 

or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable 

quality and the failure does not amount to a 

major failure.”


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Carpet Shampooer

700w Max Power

Washes Carpets and Removes Stains
Agitating Brush Bar
Finger Tip Trigger Spray Control
1 Year Warranty

Washes Carpets and Removes Stains
Agitating Brush Bar
Finger Tip Trigger Spray Control
1 Year Warranty

Carpet Shampooer

700w Max Power

Product Code: 12300063

Model Number:



International Cleaning Solutions Pty Ltd

Level 1, Building 2

Brandon Business Park

530 Springvale Rd

Glen Waverley, VIC 3150

Customer Care: 1800 815 270

Made in China

V1 0312