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G-Homa EMW302WF-CTL Instruction Manual

Made by: G-Homa
Type: Instruction Manual
Category: Home Automation
Pages: 4
Size: 0.06 MB


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Instruction Manual 
for Wi-Fi Smart Socket

(APP: G-Homa)

Type: EMW302WF-CTL


 The G-Homa Wi-Fi socket connects your home Wi-Fi network to your 

appliances for easy control of home automation, energy saving and home 
2.  Enables you to see the appliance’s electricity usage and calculates the 
electricity cost.
3.  App controls any connected electrical appliances via your smart device. 
Wherever and whenever you choose to control the on/off, timer setting and 
group setting. Applicable for both IOSandAndroid system. 
4.  With Alarm function, send an alert message to the registered email or via APP 
push notification, for home security purpose. 
5.  By refreshing the screen, you can see your socket’s on/off status from the 
6.  With pushbutton, control power on/off manually.
7.    Timer settingfunction via the APP is easy and convenient. 
8.  Available to add multipleWi-Fi sockets to suit your need.(Max 15 devices per 
Wi-Fi Router)

1.   Download the G-Homa from APP store or Google Playon your smart phone, 
open the APP and follow the procedure to register your account with a valid 
email address. 
(You can also scan the QR code on the packaging to download G-Homa APP)
2. Add new device to your smart phone by following the procedure 
demonstrated in the APP.
3.  Once connected, you can either control the appliances via your smart phone 
or manually.


1.     Add a New Device

a)  After downloading the APP and register your account, plug in the device to 
amain socket, LED flashes quickly continuously (few times per second)
b)  APP shows “ADD A DEVICE”, click to add the device 
c)  Follow the procedures on the APP and press “ACTIVATE” to complete the 
d)  Scroll down the first page to refresh the device status 
e)  Click “+” icon next to “G-Homa” on the main page,choose “ADD” to add new 

2.  Personalize your device

a)  Click on the device toenter the setting interface
b)  Scroll down to “Basic Setting”
c) Choose the icon for your device, ie. Table lamp, floor lamp… or on the 
homepage, slide the device to the right, click on the camera button, you can 
define the device image using the photos taken by your smartphone’s camera
d)  Rename your device by pressing the “Name” button

A. Function

B. Connection

C. Setting



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3. Timer 



a)  Click on the device to enter the setting interface
b)  Click the "+" icon
c)  Click in the field with the displayed time, set your time, when finished, press 
“Done”. Move the slider to activate or deactivate. Choose the normal time (   ) or 
sunrise/sunset time (     ) to control the power on/off.The times for sunrise/sunset, 
depending on your location. Every time you refresh the page (pull down), there 
is an automatic update of the time circuit.Choose if the set time should be ON or 
OFF. Choose the day of the week when you want to repeat, press “DONE” when 
finished. Device will turn on and off according to your setting automatically
d)  Delete unneeded time circuits by dragging the field with the timer to the left 
and tap "Delete"

4.  Max. ON Time Setting

a)  Click on the device to enter the setting interface
b)  Click in the field with the displayed time, set your Max. ONtime, when finished, 
press “Done”. Move the slider to activate or deactivate. (When activated, the 
device keeps on until it reaches the set Max. ON time)

5. Countdown Setting

a)  Slide the device to left and click the countdown icon to set your countdown 
time, when finished, press “Confirm”. The device enters the countdown mode, 
and will switch on/off when reaches the time
b)  Click the on/off button to cancel the countdown 

6. Alarm Setting


Press and hold the button on the device can send an alarm/alert message in case 
of urgency. 
a)  Click “+” icon next to G-Homa on the first page,choose “SETTING” and scroll 
down to “System Setting”
b)  Click “Push Notification” to choose “APP” or “EMAIL”, or both, to receive the 
alarm message sent from the device (email address to be the same as your 
registered email address) 
c)  Go back to the first page of the app 
d)  Click on the device you would like to set the alarm message 
e)  Scroll down to “Alarm Setting”
f)  “Add alarm message” andenteryour message content  

7.  Group 



Group Setting allows you to combine different devices into the same on/off timer. 
Ideal for special occasion on/off control, eg. Going out for a holiday 

a)  Go to “GROUP” icon on the first page 
b)  Click “ADD A NEW GROUP”, choose Icon for special occasion, eg.WEEKEND, 
c)  Re-name the group at your own preference if needed, press “SAVE”, APP will 
go to the GROUP’s main page,”Success, Group Added Successfully” shown on 
the screen. Click “confirm”
d) Choose the group you just created, press “Add Timer Setting”, chose the 
activation time and repeat pattern, press “DONE” when finished 
e)  Scroll down to “Set Group Combination”, press “Device Combination”, press 
“+” on the right top corner, APP guides you to page “ Add Group Device”, select 
multiple device to form a group , press DONE when finished 
f)  App then goes to the “Device Combination” page, and shows the device that 
you just chosen 
g)  You can set ON or OFF status for the device, and if activate the instruction at 
the time of the setting (NOW) or with delay, press DONE when finished
h)  Click “+” icon next to “G-Homa” on the main page,choose “GROUP” to add 
new groups


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Group setting notes: 

a)  The above process only set ONE group, which is ON or OFF. User is suggested 
to set another group to complete the on/off cycle, or the device might be on until 
it has an OFF time setting. 
b)  To avoid confusion, we suggest to de-activatethe timer setting functionin the 

8. Energy Monitoring

a)  Slide the device to left and click the energy monitoring icon to enter setting 
interface. Or you can click on the device and then enter from device interface
b)  On the energy monitoring interface, it displays the electricity consumption 
and relevant parameters of the appliance plugged in the device
c)  Click the “Tariff” to set your electricity price, the calculated electricity cost will 
be displayed on the energy monitoring interface
d) Click “DAY”, “WEEK”, “MONTH” or “YEAR” to see the relevant electricity 
consumption statistics. You can also slide the chart to left to see the former 
electricity consumption charts.

9. Firmware Update

a)  Click on the device to enter the setting interface
b)  Scroll down to “Basic Setting”
c)  Click “Firmware Updating”, the version detail of the device will be displayed
d)  If this device’s firmware is not the latest version, click “Update” button to 
update. This may take several minutes

10.  Reset

a)  Press and hold the manual button on the device for 20 seconds, it will clear 
ALL the previous setting, LED flashes quickly, and the reset device is thenready 
for user to“add new device”
b)  To change user account to control the devise, go to the specific device page, 
select “Delete Device”, then the device is free for any other new account to add  






Flashes slowly 

(once per second)

Flashes quickly

(few times per 


Flashes quickly 
with interval

(4 flashes per 

second at 1-2 

seconds interval)

Flashes 3 times 
quickly then OFF

-  Smart socket is searching for the Wi-Fi network.
-  Press and hold the button until the LED flashes  
  quickly (few times per second), socket turns into the  
   connection mode. 
-  Follow the procedure on the APP to activate the
   new device and enterthe Wi-Fi password for connection.

-  Smart socket is in connection Mode.
-  Follow the instruction“ACTIVATE NEW DEVICE”and enter
   the Wi-Fipassword of your Network (SSID)for connection. 
- When the connection is successful, the LED will stay ON
   or  OFF, without flashing.

-  Smart socket is in manual connection mode.
-  Press and hold the button until LED flashes quickly (few
   times per second), follow the “Manual Connection”
    procedure, enter theWi-Fi password of your Network
   (SSID)for connection.
-  When connection is successful, the LED stays ON or OFF,
   without flashing.

-  Alarm mode is activated.
-  After activating the device successfully, press and hold
   the button, LED flashes 3 times quickly, then OFF, the
   smart socket will send an alert message to your preset
   email account or by APP push notification.
-  You can preset your alert message in your APP.


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1.  For safety, alwaysswitch off your appliances before connecting.
2.  For indoor use only.
3.  Whenever you change a Wi-Fi network, reconnection is required.
4. Do not plug in and out the device continually. Always wait for an interval of 10
5.  Do not cover when in use

1.  Power Rating:230V~, 50Hz, CATII 230V
2. Resistive Load: 3680W max. 
3. Input: 230V, 16A, 50Hz, Max. 3680W
4. Output: 230V, 16A, 50Hz, Max. 3680W (the resistance load)
5. Operation Humidity: 0


6. Operation temperature: 0



7.  Frequency: 2.4GHz (meets the requirements of IEEE802.11/b/g/n standard) 

1. Wi-Fi



2. iOS v6.0 or higher
3. Android 3.0 or later

Manufacturer :

Manufacturer: Zhejiang Everflourish Electrical Co.,Ltd.
Adress: Renjiu Village, WuxiangTown,Yinzhou,Ningbo 315111,P.R.China

E. Specifications

F. System


On or OFF

-  Power on /offstatus indicator.
-  Connection successful (after connection mode as above).